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Welcome to Hermits Cove

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is finding something new to write about. It's a bit easier if you have an assignment, an article, a book or proposal — indeed, any kind of deadline will do. We writers sometimes make a stink about deadlines, but in fact they're our best friends.

Still, it's fun to be able to chat and share ideas without the sword of Damocles hanging over your head. So here's a place where you can come and hang out, talk casually, and offer your observations; rave about something you love, or rant about the latest indignity; ask questions, or ask for help. At least you won't have to worry about a deadline. We will have things to do here from time to time, but mainly it's a chance to talk to me and other writers. You can join the Discussion and start your own topic, or just listen to the conversations going on.

And if you're looking for professional help, you can check the list of services available and feel free to contact me for a consultation.